Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Raymond James Investor Access Account Login

How to Open and Sign in to Investor Access Account

Raymond James Financial is a St. Petersburg, Florida based company engages primarily in Investment Banking, Financial Planning & Asset Management. The company is operating in United States of America (USA), Canada & Europe. Around 6000 financial advisors are serving over 2 million accounts holders spread across 2400 locations. These advisors manages around $300 billion of assets. St. Petersburg in Florida is one of the biggest location of Raymond James Financial managing about one sixth of asset. The company was founded in 1962 and it went public in 1983. The name of company is derived from the merger of two companies Raymond & Associate and Robert A. James. The company three fully owned subsidiary which are given below. Besides these it also has a majority stocks in Raymond James Investment Services Limited (RJIS) in United Kingdom. The compnay is listed at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as RJF
  • Raymond James & Associates (RJ&A)
  • Raymond James Limited (RJL)
  • Raymond James Financial Services (RJFS)
Those who wants to enroll for Investor Access they can read the instructions from the company's website. Detailed instructions for opening an account is available. You can also view the interactive Enrollment guide. You can also view demo and take online tour of investor account access. New users would find it very useful. If you wants to open an account then you can visit the nearest office or you can read the tutorial for opening a new account.

For accessing the Raymond James Investor Access and Bank Account you can visit the account login page and then access any of the either account. If you wants to login to Raymond James Investor Access Account then you can login ( here.

Raymond James Financial Access : Password & Login Guideline

To make your account more secure company has made change in singing in process. Now you are required to to enter the login information step by step. Instead of typing the Login ID and Password simultaneously you are required to first enter your login id. Once you enter the login id and hit the enter you are shown the SiteKey. You should proceed further to enter the password only if you recognize the SiteKey. If you think there is something wrong you must contact the support team.

While choosing the password you must adhere to guideline. You can choose a password which not less than 7 and not greater than 32 characters long. It must includes at least one number or a special characters. Password is case sensitive and hence you must be careful while choosing password and during signing into your account. If you ever forget your password then you can reset by visiting the official website and following the guidelines to reset the password. While choosing password you must ensure that investor access account login id and password are not same and therefore they must be different. You must choose a strong password which would contain combination of letters, number and special character. It must be protected from unauthorised access. In case you can any problem with Raymond James Investor Access account login then you can all the Investor Access support number or you can contact the support team through website.

Website :

Investor Access Support Number : 1-877-RJ-ACCESS (877-752-2237)

Time : 8 AM to 6 PM, ET (Monday - Friday)

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