Sunday, 29 January 2012

Naval Pay Office Login for Individual & Ships

The Indian Navy has launched the website for its personnel for matters related to pay and perks. Now personnel of naval department can check their payment related information from the official website of Naval Pay Office.

User at this website can login as an individual as well as Ship/Unit. To login to the account at the website, users are required to sign in with the requisite ID & Password.

To login as an individual, the user must use the "Personnel Number" as id and the corresponding password. This personnel number must include the suffix also. If you want to login to Naval Pay Office website as an individual then you can login there.

While signing in as a Unit/Ship then user must enter the Ship ID and corresponding password to to view the account of Ship/Unit. If you wish to login to Unit/Ship account on the Naval Pay Office website then you can sign in there.

If you are looking for any other information related to pay matters such as IRLA, Income Tax Retun Forms and other records and information then you can visit the official website url  and explore the requisite information.

User must not disclose the user ID & Password to others to maintain the security of their account. If you login to your account from a public computer then you must log out after viewing the necessary information, and you should also not save the user id and password on a public computer or in cyber cafe.

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