Thursday, 6 October 2011 Login for Axis Bank Net Banking for Corporate Users

Axis Bank offers internet banking service to its retail users and corporate users. Business owners, companies, corporation etc. where huge transactions is to be made for business purpose can register for Axis Bank Corporate Banking. Corporate Banking users can register for net banking and corporate users details has be as per the Board Resolution and it is to be verified by the registering branch.

While applying for the corporate user iConnect registration for User & Login ID then requisite information for creating the corporate user id is to be supplied to the bank as per the instruction of the bank by the board resolution of the corporate entity. Information such as Name of User, Login ID, Transaction Type, Customer ID, Account Number, Signature, Individual User ID, User Profile, Individual User ID of approver, No. of Approvals and Approval limit are to be mentioned in the iConnect Registration and Declaration from. Transaction type access for every user is to be specified in the form. What type of access a user would enjoy for transaction of funds has to be mentioned. The transaction authorisation for a user may be between own linked account, Only Tax Payment or it may include tax payment, power transfer, third party account transfer and transfer between own accounts. Total transaction limit per day is to be mentioned. If any corporate user make transaction beyond a specific amount (which is currently 100 Lacs) has to use Second Factor Authentication. This authentication is an additional security provided by the bank which is used with the help of a hardware provided by the bank. This authentication is known has Hardware Token. Corporate user who wish to register for Axis Bank Internet Banking service they must submit the prescribed form with board resolution for getting an iConnect user id for corporate net banking. For registering as a corporate user you can download the form here.

Axis Bank iConnect Net Banking Login :

Corporate User of Axis Bank who wish to visit the login page of iConnect for corporate account login they can visit the iConnect website from the link given above. To access your corporate account for net banking service you will have to enter you Corporate ID, User ID & Password. You can choose from the quick link to access for Fund Transfer to Own Account, Fund Transfer to Third Party and Bill Payment. If you need to use Second Factor Authentication (2FA) Token then you can view the demo from the iConnect login page. Approver is required to approve the transaction entered by the enterer. A detailed demo for activating the Hardware Token for Second Factor Authentication, creating and using the One Time Password (OTP) etc can be learnt with the help of demo. If you want to use your computer for net banking then it must be installed with Java Run Time Environment (JRE). Corporate user who wish to use the Axis Bank Net Banking Service they can visit the official website of bank and read the instructions for using the net banking safely.

If you are a retail user of Axis Bank i.e. Personal Banking Customer for Net Banking then you can visit the link for login page.

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