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London Metal Exchange (LME) Steel Price, Copper Price, Nickel PriceChart& Trading

London Metal Exchange is a commodity exchange which was founded in 1877. This commodity exchange is very popular across the world. Those who wants to trade in metal they can buy and sell the metals at LMT. It allows you to trade in options and futures and you can make contract for trading in various metals. Metals being traded at London metal exchange includes Aluminium, Copper, Aluminium Alloy, Steel Billet, NASAAC, Lead, Tin, Molybdenum and Zinc.

Trading in LME is through membership only. There are seven types of memberships in other words these memberships are divided into seven categories. Which are as listed below.
  1. Ring Dealing
  2. Associate Broker Clearing
  3. Associate Trade Clearing
  4. Associate Broker
  5. Associate Trade
  6. Individual Members
  7. Honorary Members
If you want to become member of London Metal Exchange then you can become member of it subject to fulfilling of prescribed conditions. For becoming a member applicant is required to possess a minimum prescribed limit of B shares and have to comply with financial and regulatory criteria. Membership is based on corporate basis. There are different types of categories of memberships and these categories of memberships can be divided into Broker Members and Trade Members. You can read the criteria and eligibility conditions set for becoming Trade Member and Broker Member here. Guide to becoming members, rules, scheme of issue of B shares and summary document providing information about the membership of LME can be downloaded from the official website of London Metal Exchange.

Members Login Page :

Trading on LME is available only to member firms. Those who wants to trade on the LME they can become member to make contracts for future and option trading. LME publishes prices of various metals being traded on this metal stock exchange. The prices published for Steel, Nickel, Aluminium, Plastic, Tin, Copper, Molybdenum, Zinc, Lead etc. are being used by traders, industry owners, financial participants etc. Those who are looking for the prices of Non Ferrous Metal or price charts etc. they can check it from the official website of LME. Whether you are looking for the Copper Price, Steel Price, Tin Price or any other non ferrous metal price you can view the pricing details and information from the LME here.

LME Store Login : Those who wish to trade on the London Metal Exchange (LME) they must login to the LME Online Store using their username and password. Only registered members can login to the LME Online store. If you are not yet registered then you can register yourself. If you wants to register for a new customer account then you can sign up now.

LME Login :

LME conducts different types of trading courses. There courses are conducted at different places. Courses conducted by exchange includes - Fundamental & Technical Analysis London, LME Introductory Training Course, Introduction to Physical Trading and Warehousing & LME Global Training. If you are looking for any other information then you can contact the exchange. Address and contact numbers are given below.

The London Metal Exchange Limited
56 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 2DX, United Kingdom

Telephone Number : +44 (0)20 7264 5555

Fax : +44 (0)20 7680 0505

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