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NatWest Online Banking Login -

NatWest short for National Westminster Bank came into existence in 1968 by merger of two banks named National Provincial Bank & Westminster Bank established in 1833 & 1836 respectively. Newly formed bank NatWest started its business with its new logo containing three arrowheads from 01 January 1970. It was acquired in 2000 by The Royal Bank of Scotland Group which is one of the largest financial service group in world. It now serve its clients with over 3600 branches and wide range of services and products.

Bank caters to all types of clientel base and it offers its banking service to individual, corporate houses, businessman, large investors etc. Banking services offered can be divided into four categories given below. Looking for the banking services offered by NatWest, you can decide based upon your requirement and choose from one of the right type of banking service which fulfill your need.
  • Personal Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Current Account
  • Saving Account
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Investment
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Retirement Planning
  • Deposits & Investments
Online Service for Corporate Banking
  • Bankline
  • Data Transfer Service
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Cheque Verification Service
  • Payway IP Direct
  • Clients Monies Service
  • Online FX & Money Market Trading
  • Solicitors Reserve
  • Automated Trade Banking
  • Business Status Alerts
NatWest Online Banking

NatWest Bank offers online banking with extra security. It secure your banking transaction with safer banking software named "Rapport" which prevent your account against theft and fraud. This software work along with your anti-virus and firewall and provide an extra layer of security. The software is available for download for free from the bank website.

NatWest Card Reader adds another extra layer of security to your online transaction. Certain online transaction can be carried only with the help card reader such as making change in regular payment, changing PIN & Password, making the payment first time time online payment instructions. Using Card reader not only avoids you from the hassle of visiting the branch and it also make your online transaction more secure. If you are not using the card reader then you view demo, know benefits, read FAQ and order for it.

Online statement enables you to keep track of your transaction for a period of seven year. If you are not using the online statement then login to your account and click on the "Statement" link and select "Start or Stop Receiving the bank Statement by Post". Thus online statement provide you paperless record of your banking transaction and you can also take the print out of statement when you need.

If you are not registered for NatWest online banking then you can sign up now. If you are already a NatWest Online Banking user then you can login to your account by visiting the official website.

NatWest Online Banking (NWOLB) Login :

You can also visit the NWOLB website for signing in to your online banking account.

Mobile Banking : Natwest offers you mobile banking and you can access banking service from your mobile device. If you are using iPad or iPhone then you can install the NatWest mobile banking application. If you do not possess an iPhone or iPad then also you can use the mobile banking on your mobile phone. Mobile Banking by NatWest is supported on most of modern mobile device and after installation of app you should be able to use the mobile banking.

Credit Cards

Different types of credit cards are available for different types of customers. Whether you are a student, businessman, self employed, big corporation, trust, individual or salaried person you can find a right type of credit card which will meet your requirement. For availing the credit card service a customer must be of 18 years or above. Different types of Credit Card available for NatWest customers are as given below.

  1. Platinum Credit Card
  2. Student Card
  3. Private Credit Card.

Affiliate : If you want to earn money by promoting the products and services of NatWest bank then it can be a good source of revenue for those who wants to earn money by becoming affiliate. As an affiliate you will have to promote the various products and services such as Credit Card, Current Account, Insurance Products etc. and this promotion by way of referral can earn you good money. Affiliate Program of bank is run by OMG and those who wish to make money by way of affiliate they can apply for approval. You can learn more about the affiliate program from website.

Branches & Contacts

You can find the branches of NatWest Bank from the contact page of bank's website. All the important numbers are available on the contact page and you can contact the bank using these numbers. Branch locator will help you in finding the branches and cash machine spread across the world.

NatWest General Service Contact Number

National : 0800 200 400 ; Overseas : +44 121 695 9238

NatWest the Subsidiary of RBS has put a ban on using the ATM/Cash Machine of rivals. According to The Sun it will affect around 8000 basis customers. Stephen Hester, said free access to rivals' machines for those paying no account fees was "unsustainable". Now those who are using the basic account will not be able to use the rival bank's cash points for withdrawing money or any other service.

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