Thursday, 7 July 2011

How to Setup Free Facebook Video Calling Feature on your FacebookAccount

Philip Su the Facebook Engineer has officially announced that Facebook has started the video calling feature on Facebook in tandem with newly acquired Skype (peer to peer telephony service) by Microsoft. Philip Su was working on this project and now it will allow the 750 million users on Facebook to make video call to their friends & family right from the Chat Box of Facebook.

After announcement of Google Plus by Google it was expected by people that they might see something new from Facebook to bind its existing users and attract new one. Google Plus Hangout features allows the users to make video chat in group and it had been widely welcomed by the people. Although Facebook Video Chatting feature does not allow group chatting but we might see in the future. Group Chatting feature has not been ruled out by Mark Zuckerberg. He believes that it is one to one video calling which amounts to bulk of video call.

Most of you may not be seeing the video calling feature in your Facebook account. Do not worry continue reading this article. When you complete reading this post you will be able to make a video call from your FB account. When this feature is active in your account you will see a video calling icon between MESSAGE and POKE button when you search the profile of your friend in the upper right corner as well as in the chat box. You will find a video calling icon in your chat box as shown in the image given below. I hope this is still not available and you can confirm by visiting your account. It will take few days before it is made available to all the users. But we will tell you how to make video calling even before you see this button on your accout. We are providing below very simple instructions for setting up video chat feature.

If you are a Facebook users and you want to use the recently launched Facebook video chatting feature then you can make free video calling but before that you need to set up this application. It will not take more than a minute and you will be able to talk free across the world with your FB friends.

Visit the link - and click on the Get Started button.

When you click on the button you will see a message saying that "Who Do You Want to Call?
Select an available friend".

Now select any friend who is online from your chat box. Now you will be prompted to make call to selected friend. Click on the Ok button given below the name of your friend whom you want to call.

This will prompt you to download a small application. Click to download the application. After downloading the videocallsetup.exe file double click on it to install. Follow the instructions to install. It is very easy to install this video calling application.

 Once you install you will be asked to make your first video call to your friend. Now you will be able to call your friend. If your friend has not yet set up the video calling feature he/she will be informed about this. Once the setup is complete you will find the Video Chatting Icon click this icon to make video call to your friend.

How it works : Facebook has tied up with Microsoft. The video chatting feature is in integration with Skype. The integration is anonymous on Skype. Facebook users are not required to sign up for Skype and their identity to Skype is sent in an encrypted message. Thus a user call anonymously through Skype using FB interface.

Facebook Group Chat : Facebook has also started the Facebook group chatting service. You will see an article about this as how to make most out of group chatting.

What do you think, is this really a killer service by Facebook?

Will it be able to face the Google Plus Hangout challenge effectively?

Is Facebook going to see a decline in its user base once the Google + is officially announced for public release.

How good is Video Chatting feature launched by FB.

Shoot your opinion and let the world know about your view. Your view matters a lot here,


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